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World Clydesdale Show 2022 


Martin Clunes OBE

World Clydesdale Show President

‘I am really excited to be the President of this prestigious show.  Like a lot of people I get a gut punch when I see Clydesdale horses so to be present at a world show with horses from all over the world is just too exciting.  I am also very happy to show my boys off and I’m crossing my fingers that they behave themselves.’ 


Helen Carr

Director of Operations

Show Director

Helen Carr has been involved with Clydesdales for 25years.  Along with her partner Ronald Brewster they own Bandirran Stud and Livery where they breed, show, break and produce heavy horses.


She has been to 2 World Clydesdale Shows where she have helped to produce a World Champion at both of them.


"I am very excited to be involved in bringing the World Clydesdale Show home to Scotland."


Ailsa Clark

Managing Director 

Director of Finance

Ailsa Clark, an owner and breeder of Clydesdale Horses has been involved in bringing the World Clydesdale Show home to Scotland since it's conception.  A company director within the Hospitality, Events and Tourism industry, ensure that Ailsa brings a number of skills to the table.  Her love of the breed and her skills in operations management will help to ensure the effective delivery of this wonderful event. 


“Being involved in the Bringing the World Clydesdale Show home to Scotland is the most fantastic experience.  The opportunity to show this fabulous breed in its native country is just something that we can’t miss out on!”


Fiona Edwards

Retail and Merchandise

Fiona Edwards lives in Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, where she has been a member of the family embroidery and screen printing business for 34 years.  

Fiona has been involved with horses all her life and was first introduced to Clydesdales over 20 years ago. She has traveled to shows all over the UK also to USA and Canada.


Val Smith 

Marketing and Communications

Canadian by birth, Val grew up on a dairy farm in Eastern Ontario. After high school she studied agriculture for four years at Guelph University and subsequently worked in the dairy industry. She moved to Scotland 32 years ago, initially working for Semex.  After several years, Val moved into primary agriculture and has been actively farming in partnership since then on a cereals, sheep and seed potato operation in Perthshire.


"I own and shows several Clydesdale horses and I am delighted to be part of the team bringing the World Show to Scotland."

Fiona S.jpg

Fiona Stewart

Show Secretary

Fiona Stewart grew up on a small farm North of Glasgow.  She and her brother spent every weekend during the season attending Agricultural and Horse shows up and down the country with their ponies and horses, competing at  both local and national levels.  After Agricultural College,  Fiona worked in Sales and Marketing for Horticultural, Catering and Building businesses in succession before starting a family.  Her elder daughter caught the equestrian bug, and once again, she has been attending shows the length and breadth of the UK enjoying catching up with old friends and making new ones in the equine world.  


"I am delighted to be part of the very dedicated team bringing the World Clydesdale Show home to Scotland in October 2022.  I am looking forward to working with these magnificent animals and meeting new horse enthusiasts from  Scotland, the Uk and all over the World."

International  Liaisons

Victor Scott

International Liaison - Ireland

Fiona E and Val
Fiona S and Victor
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