Class List


Senior Geldings
4-9 years old Gelding
3 year old Gelding

2 year old Gelding 
Yearling Gelding


Gelding Championship 

Grade-up Mare 5 and over
Grade-up Mare 3-4 year old
Grade-up Filly 1-2 year old
Grade-up Filly foal

Grade-up Championship

Stallion 2 year old
Yearling Colt
Senior Colt Foal
Junior Colt Foal

Junior Champion Stallion

Stallion 4 years 
Stallion 3 years
Stallion 5-9 years old
Stallion 10 years and over 

Senior Stallion Championship 
Overall Stallion Championship 

Mare 10 years and over
Mare 4-9 years old
Mare 3 years old

Senior Female Championship 

2 year old Filly
Yearling Filly
Senior Filly Foal
Junior Filly Foal

Junior Championship 
Overall Female Championship 



Best Rest of the World Horse

Best European Horse

World Championship In-hand


Agricultural 2/4wheel single

Agricultural 2/4wheel pair 

Single in 4 wheel vehicle

Pair in 4 wheel vehicle

Tandem in 4 wheel vehicle

Unicorn in 4 wheel vehicle

4 horse team in 4 wheel vehicle

6 horse team in 4 wheel vehicle

8 horse team in 4 wheel vehicle

Open cart

Ladies cart

Junior cart

Tandem cart

Senior 65+ pair

Novice pair

Ladies pair 


Concours D’Elegance
Side Saddle
Open Ridden (World Championship Class)
Novice Ridden

Cross Bred Ridden


Decorated Harness
Young Handler
Young Stockman
Charity Fancy Dress