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Class List

Inhand Classes

Driving Classes

Geldings 10 years and over

Geldings 5-9 years old

Gelding 4 year old

Gelding 3 year old

Gelding 2 year old

Yearling Gelding

Grade-up Mare 5 and Over

Grade-up Mare 3-4 Year Old

Grade-up Filly yearling and 2 Year old

Grade-up Filly Foal

Stallion 10 years and over

Stallion 5-9 years

Stallion 4 years old

Stallion 3 years old

Colt 2 year old

Yearling Colt

Senior Colt Foal

Junior Colt Foal

Mare 10 years and over

Mare 5-9 years old

Mare 4 years old

Mare 3 years old

Brood Mare

Filly 2 year old

Yearling Filly

Senior Filly Foal

Junior Filly Foal


Agricultural 2 or 4 wheel single

Agricultural 2 or 4 wheel pair

Agricultural Implement



Tandem in a cart



4 Horse Team

6 Horse Team

8 Horse Team

Ladies Cart

Men’s Cart

Mare Cart

Gelding Cart

Stallion Cart

Junior Youth Cart (7-14)

Senior Youth Cart (15-18)

Senior 65+ Pair

Novice Cart

Novice Pair

Ladies Pair

Ridden Classes

Concours D’Elegance

Side Saddle



Open Ridden

Novice Ridden

Cross Bred Ridden

Novice Rider

Miscellaneous Classes

Decorated Harness

Pee Wee Young Handler (3-6 Years Old)

Junior Young Handler (7-11 Years Old) 

Senior Young Handler (12-18 Years Old)

Young Stockman

Charity Fancy Dress

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