Show Schedule

Please be aware that this is the DRAFT schedule and may be subject to change.

Main Arena



Senior Geldings

4 - 9 Year old Geldings

3 Year old Geldings

2 Year old  Geldings

Yearling Geldings

Single in 4 wheel vehicle


Grade-up Mare 5 & Over


Grade-up 3 - 4 year old

Agricultural Implement

Grade-up Filly 1 - 2 year old

Grade-up Filly Foal

Tandem in 4 wheel vehicle


Side Saddle

Championship Grade-up



Novice Ridden

Brood Mare

Mare 10 Years and over

Mare 4 - 9 Years old


Agricultural 2/4 wheel single

Mare 3 Years old

2 Year old Filly

Pair in 4 wheel vehicle

Yearling Filly

Senior 65+ Pair

Senior Filly Foals

Junior Filly Foals

Ladies Cart

Decorated Harness

Young Stockman

4 horse team in 4 wheel vehicle




Tandem Cart

Junior Colt Foal

Senior Colt Foal

Agricultural 2/4 wheel pair

Yearling Colt

2 Years Colt

Open Cart

3 Years Stallion

Youth Cart

4 Years Stallion

5 - 9 Years Stallion

Ladies Pair

10 Years and over Stallion

Concours D’Elegance

6 horse team in 4 wheel vehicle



Cross Bred Ridden

Western Ridden

8 horse team in 4 wheel vehicle

Best Rest of the World Horse

Best European Horse

Novice Cart

Charity Fancy Dress

Unicorn in 4 wheel vehicle

Young Handlers

Novice Pair

Open Ridden

Grand View

Ridden Championship

Gelding Champion

Junior Female Champion


Senior Female Champion


Junior Male Champion


Senior Male Champion


Overall Champion

The World Clydesdale Show Shoeing & Shoemaking Championship
Rules and Entry Forms will open in February 2022



Team Registration

Practice Day

Judges Clinic Demonstrations



Four Man Team Heavy Horse Shoeing 3/4 Fuller Flats



Four Man Team Heavy Horse Shoemaking


Four Man Team Eagle Eye

(Points not eligible towards Championship)

Two Man Team Apprentice Shoemaking

Two Man Team Apprentice Eagle Eye



Four Man Team Heavy Horse Shoeing with Heels and Toe Bars All Round

Evening : Prize Giving and Banquet

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